real estate marketing Keeping up with the demands of today’s real estate market requires round-the-clock attention. Even the shortest lag in response time can mean a lost sale. To real estate brokers who have tried to go it alone, you understand just how impossible this is.

What if you could bring your clients to you? Just imagine endless renters and buyers at your fingertips…this isn’t an imaginary concept; it’s the power of real estate mobile marketing.

Take, for example, the world’s favorite social networking site, Facebook. Chances are, even if you don’t have a profile of your own, you’re at least familiar with its popularity. Continue Reading

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Restaurant Marketing Plan SMS MarketingIn today’s ever-growing mobile economy, SMS marketing has become an important part of any overall marketing plan. Whether you own a large restaurant or a small diner, your business will benefit from adopting an SMS marketing strategy.

Why Restaurant Text Marketing?

SMS marketing strategy makes use of SMS, or Short Message Service, available on virtually any cell phone. It does not matter whether your customers use a smartphone or a basic cell phone—they can receive your SMS messages. SMS messaging is reliable, fast and cost-effective.

Where emails and snail mail fall short, due to spam filters and garbage cans, over 90% of text messages are received and opened. Continue Reading

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mobile marketing for businessSmall businesses all over the world are jumping into mobile marketing as a way to take advantage of the growth of smartphones.

Do you have a Small Business Mobile Marketing Plan

There is a small business boom in marketing and its all about mobile marketing!  The mobile statistics are undeniably and small business owners must stand up and take notice that their small business marketing plans must evolve or be left behind.  Mobile marketing for small business is here to stay!

Mobile Marketing for Small Business

There are several factors that should effect a small business owners decision to get into mobile marketing.  Continue Reading

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Start Text Message Marketing BusinessStarting a text message marketing business is easy.  All you have to do is sign up as an SMS marketing reseller for a company that has a text marketing software platform.  They have done the work to build the text message marketing software platform and you can benefit by selling text message marketing services immediately.

Why Start a Mobile Marketing Company? Money, Money, Money

Text message marketing companies are extremely profitable because you don’t have very much overhead. With traditional brick and mortar businesses you have to pay for an office, staff, utilities and more.  Text message marketing requires you and your team to have the ability to sell.  Continue Reading

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Mobile Marketing InfographicIn order to be able to understand mobile marketing, you need to understand what people do on their mobile devices.

Mobile in a new marketing channel that is unlike any other.  You have to think about what marketing objectives your trying to accomplish before you just jump into a mobile marketing strategy.  You need to understand how people interact with mobile marketing tactics so you can create a mobile strategy that keeps your customers attention and is engaging.

If you look at the mobile trends, you will see that mobile shopping is indeed the future of shopping as we know it.  Continue Reading

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Build Free Mobile Website with Online Mobile Site BuilderMaybe you’re a business owner who is wondering whether it’s really necessary to have a mobile optimized website. You could also be a business owner who knows that they want a mobile website but just don’t know how to go about it. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, your ears just might perk at the sound of “free mobile website!”

Interest peaked? Read on to find out how you can learn how to create a mobile website for free.

Why Your Business Should Have a Mobile Website

You probably don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a mobile phone. Chances are, you may not even know anyone who hasn’t done an Internet search on their mobile phone. Continue Reading

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