7 tips to succeed in mobile marketing with PPC

by Kole McRae - Guest Blogger

Mobile marketing is growing by leaps and bounds as smartphone sales increase. People are becoming conditioned to make purchases based on mobile searches while they are on the go. If you want to succeed in mobile marketing, then pay-per-click (PPC) ads need to be part of your overall strategy. The great thing is that they are relatively new and can be a part of your budget without breaking it. Here are 7 tips for how to use PPC ads to boost your business with mobile marketing.

1. Contact information-it’s essential.
Mobile marketing is a different ballgame and therefore has different requirements. When customers do a mobile search they expect to find the phone number and address for the business along with a map on how to get there. If you don’t give it to them the next business on the list will, and you will lose the sale. Go ahead an incentive it with a good call to action Call Now!

2. Do the work for the customer.
Not only should the contact information be front and center, go ahead and use ad extensions to save customers the hassle of having to add the number into their phone. Chances are your customer is not only in a hurry, but multi-tasking. Clicking one button to reach you really does make a difference to them. Just remember you aren’t allowed to use your number in the headline or as a site link.

3. PPC’s should send customer to your mobile pages.
Google is cracking down and neglecting to do this can affect your Quality Score. But your mobile pages need to be optimized to be quick and easy or you will turn your customer off. That means they need to be easy to load and get right to the point- don’t include a bunch of text fields. Just like it was important to put contact info on your PPC ad, you want to include it on your mobile page in an obvious place so the customer doesn’t have to hunt for it.

4. Keywords matter.
A tablet is primarily a research tool, like the computer, whereas a smartphone is used on the go for ‘need it right now’ info. That’s going to affect your advertising strategy. When a customer does a smartphone search they are expecting to find businesses in the area to be directed to or a mobile site that lets them perform a task quickly. Smartphone campaigns should include keywords that include Buy, Find, etc. while a tablet campaign would include Reviews and Compare.

5. Target the device.
Your mobile campaign strategy needs to be completely separate from other campaigns. Furthermore, there are different mobile devices and you will want a separate campaign for each one. Android and iPhone users are two different demographics.

6. Third place doesn’t count.
The mobile screen is smaller and will only shows 3 search results top- that means you want to be first or second in the SERP for it to even be worth it. Set it up so that every time you fall below second place, your keyword bid automatically increase.

7. Pay attention to location targeting.
Make sure you check the best options for your business, especially if it is a storefront or restaurant. The more location-specific your ad is, the better bang you get for your buck.

Mobile marketing can get confusing because you are working with a different set of rules. Can you think of something else you need to tweak when running a mobile PPC campaign?

Post Written by Kole McRae from 9th Sphere  http://www.9thsphere.com Web Design & Online Marketing Firm

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