Dudamobile Review – How to Builld a Mobile Website for Free

by Michael Armstrong

DudaMobile LogoIn this DudaMobile Review, I’ll show you how a simple mobile website builder can be. I’ll also explain how DudaMobile works in creating a mobile website for your company from scratch, and how it can be beneficial to your business, no matter how large or small.

Let’s face it. Many people rely on their mobile devices for pretty much everything nowadays. Consumers want to be able to have access to everything from all at the tip of the fingers, literally. Well, now you can offer your company’s services by having your own mobile website. Potential clients can browse through your site and learn about what your business has to offer from the convenience of anywhere. The days of being limited to a laptop or home computer are over.

How is the Free Mobile Website Created?

If your trying to learn how to build a mobile website for free, the process is pretty easy.  The conversion process is so quick and simple. It’s hard to believe that mobile website development could be so speedy.

First, I typed in the URL of my company website, which has a lot of images. Then DudaMobile takes a few seconds to analyze and extract the site’s overall structure and identify color schemes. It also extracts the company’s main logo. I thought it would take a lot longer to do these tasks, but it was literally seconds.

Then, my site was displayed in a view that was very mobile-friendly. It was like I was looking at my website on an actual mobile device. All of the site’s content looked great; it was very clean and neat on the page as well as readable. All of the images were clear and bright. It was extremely easy to scroll up and down the site.

DudaMobile Review Free Mobile Website Offer

I could make changes to my website if I wanted to as well. There were many templates to choose from that changed the background of the site. I was able to edit the header or the logo by making it smaller or bigger. I could even upload my own images for the header if I desired. The possibilities were endless.

DudaMobile also allowed me to change icons on my website, or hide images and content. I could click and drag the features that I wanted to add, such Click-to-Call and Maps. Keeping the site minimalistic was important as far as images go. The end result was what I was looking for: A clean website that was fast to upload and easy to navigate.

Pros of Using DudaMobile’s Services

  • Direct communication through Click-to-Call makes it easy for potential clients to reach your business through their mobile phone.
  • Immediate purchases are made through mobile devices, and your customers will be able to purchase from you no matter what their location is at the time.
  • DudaMobile offers comprehensive support services, including online tutorials.

Cons of Using DudaMobile’s Services

  • Ads that are on your main website are not posted on the mobile version. This is really the only drawback that I can find so far.

You can sign up for their FREE mobile website that comes with ads. There’s really no reason not to try DudaMobile for yourself, and I hope this DudaMobile Review will persuade you experience the benefits of having a mobile website for your business.

 See how quickly and easily you can make a mobile version of your website today. Just enter your URL and click below!

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