How to Outsource your Mobile Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Marketing and Outsourcing

Outsource Mobile Marketing StrategyWhen you are trying to increase sales to your new business, an easy and efficient way is to Outsource your mobile marketing strategy. Marketing your business via mobile means is a great way to generate traffic and to ensure your business prospers. In this day and age, having a smartphone is necessary both as tool and as a status symbol, and as such one third of US adults own a smart phone, and researchers predict that by 2016 there will be 1 billion active smartphones being used. Most people who own a phone are constantly checking it, for emails, texts, calls, and now they can check that same phone for your business. The only issue is how best to go about getting them to check your business on the phone.

Outsourcing services costs money, but in the long run it ends up saving you time, and like anyone in business can tell you: Time is money. To Outsource your mobile marketing strategy allows you to focus your time on other important business decisions to help your business run smoothly. For instance, you don’t make your accountant mop the bathroom, or your writer do the taxes, everyone has their own job, and by utilizing offshore outsourcing allows your company to focus on their jobs. Outsourcing companies have been a huge help for years, and have allowed small to large business focus on what they best, and let the professionals focus on what they do best.

A great site to outsource mobile app development and all mobile aspects for that matter is: This company doesn’t do the work for you, but lets you outsource mobile website design yourself. You simply create an account, post the work you are trying to outsource, and then wait while offers people send in their applications to come and work for you. This makes it incredibly easy to fill all the roles you need to make your company run smoothly. Another similar site that operates on the same premise is Both sites are great sources of help you Outsource your mobile marketing.

While it might seem beneficial to simply hire someone in house to perform a task rather than using ODesk so you can outsource mobile website developer you need to consider everything that goes into hiring. When you are hiring someone for a specific job you have interviews to run, background checks, verifying their skill levels and even having to deal with taxes. However, if you Outsource your mobile marketing strategy, using sites like ELance, the entire process becomes much easier especially when it comes to pay. You pay people through the website, and that makes it easy to retract or send payment, it also keeps you from being scammed by fake workers.

So don’t wait to Outsource your mobile marketing strategy, go and sign up for ODesk or ELance and go make use of their service and find yourself the perfect fit for your project today.


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