Mobile Marketing: Ten Things you Need to Know

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Mobile Marketing CanadaMobile marketing is one of the largest forms of marketing for small businesses, charities, and schools in the world today. With mobile marketing you’re able to reach your public faster and more effectively without spending a lot of money. Mobile marketing is still a growing trend and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, there are things that you need to know about mobile marketing before you get started, and helpful hints for once you’ve already begun.

It provides immediate interaction. With immediate interaction, you send out a bulk text message advertising an event that you are hosting or a sale that you have going on right now, and your consumers receive that information immediately. If you send a bulk message at 10am about a sale that started at 11am, be prepared to be overwhelmed with business. The interaction is immediate!

There’s a lot more to offer than just text messaging. You need to know that with mobile marketing your options are limitless. You will have a mobile website where you’ll receive orders. You’ll be sending out QR codes that will send all the monthly information for your business in one quick shot. You’re going to be sending videos of new merchandise, or new event. You choose how far you go with your mobile marketing, it doesn’t have a limit.

You’ll need an app for that. There are over 1 billion iPhone and Android apps downloaded a year, and if you don’t have an app for that, someone else does. You have to have all of your bases covered, and a mobile app is a requirement for the general public to be able to access your information more easily.

It’s already a popular idea. You’re not making mobile marketing popular, it’s already popular, and so you have to make it unique. You have to stand out from the crowd so don’t follow any one else’s lead. Make your own ideas and follow them.

It’s an ever changing concept. You are able to adjust, change, add and delete information quickly and easily to keep your mobile advertising as accurate as possible.

It keeps growing. The amount of smart phone users has grown by 73% in the last 12 months. More people are buying smart phones and using them to do their research instead of a real computer. Make sure your website is mobile friendly and easy to be found and used.

Consumers love mobile marketing. You have made the consumer’s life easier by setting up your mobile marketing. They no longer have to log onto their laptop or computer, they can view everything from their phone. They’re able to buy online and receive coupons through text messaging.

Email marketing is a mobile marketing strategy. If you send out emails or newsletters, you’re already mobile; so you need to kick it up a notch.

Facebook matters! Consumers spend more time on social networks than any other thing on the web. Social networks have gone mobile, and you can use them to help capture more business. Set up a social networking page for your company and get as many likes as you can! Advertise advertise advertise!

Lastly, online searching is mobile. You want your information to popup on an online search. You want your consumers to be able to find you on the web, from their phones, and be able to fully use your site and your information.

The world has gone mobile and mobile marketing is no longer an option it’s a requirement. Jump on board and get your business seen today! Don’t wait any longer; you’re losing money by putting it off! Get out there and get seen! Mobile marketing is the best way to get your business seen.


Mobile Marketing in Ontario Canada is taking off in popularity.  Small Businesses in Ontario should start to look into mobile marketing strategies like:

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  • Mobile Advertising

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Konny Zsigo December 22, 2012 at 5:00 pm

As much as I hate to admit it, but you’re so right, I’m just as addicted to these apps as every other consumer. Like my kids school has an app for checking his grades, and its like the best thing ever because I dont have to talk to his teachers to see if hes allowed to go out. Sure has made my life easier.