Mobile Websites for Churches and Religious Organizations

by Michael Armstrong · 2 comments

Mobile Marketing for Churches

Church Mobile WebsitesMobile websites for churches are a new way for pastors to keep contact with their congregations, as well as attract new worshippers. An increasing number of people are using mobile devices to search for new congregations. They want to know where to find you, where your services are held, and what you believe in. Spreading the word of God has really never been easier.

Mobile may seem like a strange way for churches and religious organizations to interact with their congregations, but the world is changing and becoming more and more mobile every year. Many smartphone users keep their device at arm’s length all the time. People who are slow to respond to landline phone calls or emails are much quicker to respond to text messages. Some religious organizations and churches, such as the Catholic church or the LDS church, already have websites for both traditional desktops and mobile devices.

Many religious organizations have realized that a mobile website is valued by their parishioners. Traditional websites are not optimized for mobile viewing, and it can be frustrating for a mobile user to go online, try to view information on a regular website and not be able to view what they would like to see. Having a mobile website for your church lets your parishioners who use mobile devices feel that they are important. They will know that what is important to them is important to you. They will feel that you are “with it” and understand the times.

Having a mobile website lets your church drive attendance and individual involvement, connect with parishioners and gather donations more easily, as well as spread church news and the Good Word of God. Mobile websites for churches can be a great way to grow your congregation by reaching new people.

How do you go about getting a mobile website for your church or religious organization? It really isn’t hard to do. There are many online resources to help and make the transition easier. Some offer free trials, making it so easy you’ll wonder why you waited.

One of these online resources is DudaMobile (Dudamobile Reviews). DudaMobile offers a complete mobile website building, including custom services, free analytics, and automatic syncing with your regular website. You can get great features as well, such as a Click-to-call button, which lets a parishioner contact you quickly and easily anytime they need. DudaMobile includes SMS, allowing members of your congregation to text you and you to send out mass texts alerting them of upcoming events or other church news. Another great option is a mobile map, directing new parishioners to your church.

DudaMobile Free Mobile Site

Stay relevant in today’s world by taking advantage of mobile and what it can do for you and your church or religious organization.

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Nick Pahade December 31, 2012 at 6:05 am

I definitely agree with this article one hundred per cent.In fact,mobile websites and applications has helped to reach out the messages in a faster and more convenient way.It has helped followers and believers in reaching out to each other for help and also in finding churches in new places.Thanks for spreading the awareness!

Michael Armstrong December 31, 2012 at 3:26 pm

Nick, There are a lot of churches that are creating mobile websites. Most church mobile sites aren’t really complicated. If anyone wants to quickly build a mobile website check out Dudamobile <- click here