Nonprofit Fundraising Using SMS Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

Nonprofit Fundraising Using SMS Marketing

SMS Fundraising for Nonprofits

With SMS marketing, nonprofits have a great, cost effective way to stay in touch with the members of their organization, as well as their donors and staff.

To utilize SMS marketing, it is not necessary to have expensive hardware or software. This makes text message marketing a very viable way for nonprofit organizations to raise the funds they need.

The benefits of SMS messaging in nonprofit fundraising are many. Besides being cost effective and simple to use, it is scalable. This means that messages can be sent out to any number of recipients, whether large or small.

Multiple messages can be sent as well, customized to different groups of recipients. In contrast to email campaigns, in which an estimated 25% of recipients actually read the email, SMS messages are read by the majority of recipients. Your message has a much higher rate of response with SMS marketing. SMS marketing also eliminates paperwork and saves time as well as money.

Text messages can only be 160 characters long. This can be a plus for your recipients, as it forces you to be clear and concise and to the point. Many people appreciate this over a wordy email that they may not even read. Simply type your message and in seconds it is guaranteed to be delivered to hundreds, or as many as thousands of recipients.

With an SMS messaging campaign, you can also utilize receipt confirmation to be sure that your recipients got the message.

Best Text Message Marketing Companies for Nonprofits:

There are lots of ways in which nonprofit organizations can utilize SMS marketing. To increase volunteerism, nonprofits can send out bulk SMS messages to alert members to unmet needs, or to spread the word about an upcoming event where volunteers are needed.

Fundraising, a constant in the nonprofit world, is easier with SMS marketing, because donors can be alerted anytime there is a need going unmet or when there is an upcoming fundraising drive. Regular donors can be kept aware through text messages of how their dollars are being spent.

Mobile giving is a fast and convenient way for donors to make a difference. After one of the most recent well-known disasters in the world, the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the American Red Cross used SMS marketing to aid in the recovery.

The nonprofit started an SMS campaign that utilized different media ranging from signs in taxi cabs, to television news broadcasts. A code was widely broadcasted with a call to action for people to donate $10 by sending a text with the keyword HAITI to the given code. Thus for every text sent, $10 was donated to Haitian relief efforts. It was wildly successful, with just under one million dollars donated in the first 24 hours alone.

You can further the goals of your nonprofit organization, raise more funds and help more people by making use of mobile marketing.


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