Lime Cellular Review View Reseller ProgramThe Private Label SMS Marketing Software in this Lime Cellular Review is slick, easy to use and puts you in control. Lime Cellular has it figured out – Resellers want options.  Someone becomes an SMS reseller because they are an entrepreneur or business owner and want to make money selling text message marketing services.

Lime Cellular offers an SMS reseller program and an White label SMS Text Reseller Program in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom.

Complete White Label SMS Marketing Program

Unlike other companies that only provide you with an SMS reseller program, Lime Cellular takes it even further and provides a full white label SMS text marketing platform with many advanced features and support geared toward catering to people that want to start a comprehensive mobile text message marketing business. Continue Reading

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DudaMobile LogoIn this DudaMobile Review, I’ll show you how a simple mobile website builder can be. I’ll also explain how DudaMobile works in creating a mobile website for your company from scratch, and how it can be beneficial to your business, no matter how large or small.

Let’s face it. Many people rely on their mobile devices for pretty much everything nowadays. Consumers want to be able to have access to everything from all at the tip of the fingers, literally. Well, now you can offer your company’s services by having your own mobile website. Potential clients can browse through your site and learn about what your business has to offer from the convenience of anywhere. Continue Reading

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Mobile marketing is growing by leaps and bounds as smartphone sales increase. People are becoming conditioned to make purchases based on mobile searches while they are on the go. If you want to succeed in mobile marketing, then pay-per-click (PPC) ads need to be part of your overall strategy. The great thing is that they are relatively new and can be a part of your budget without breaking it. Here are 7 tips for how to use PPC ads to boost your business with mobile marketing.

1. Contact information-it’s essential.
Mobile marketing is a different ballgame and therefore has different requirements. Continue Reading

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SMS Marketing Companies SMS Text message marketing companies make starting a mobile marketing campaign so much easier, especially for those of us who need a little help getting started. Choosing one can seem overwhelming, but with some considerations you can choose the best one for your business.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to text message marketing companies. They all have different options and choices available, but probably the most basic thing to know is to eliminate those companies that only offer email based texting, or SMTP.

SMTP is basically sending an email to a cell phone, which doesn’t utilize the newest short code functionality of SMS messaging. Continue Reading

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Mobile Apps for Small BusinessShould small businesses build mobile apps? YES! Small business mobile apps give small businesses more exposure than ever before. With a small business mobile app, you’re able to be viewed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. You will gain more customers than ever; since 73% of Americans surveyed have stated that they shop online from their phones. 73%!

That’s a huge number to be missing out on, because you haven’t built your mobile app! Mobile apps are for all types of small businesses, not just stores that you shop from. We’ll discuss a few and you’ll see how having a mobile app will help you and your small business. Continue Reading

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SMS Marketing for Retail Stores – Whats your Text Marketing Strategy?

Retail Store SMS Marketing StrategyTrying to own any business can be difficult, but a retail business has its own special challenges that can make it particularly hard, but these can be lessened by using retail SMS marketing. With retail text message marketing you can defeat that one hard challenge of retail, getting customers to come in reliably and constantly. With retail mobile marketing you can connect with hundreds of potential costumers all at once with a single push of a button.

Text message marketing for retailers is important because in today people can’t more than five minutes without having to check their phone for messages, updates, and to just mess with it in general. Continue Reading

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