Real Estate Mobile Marketing, Why Realtors Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

real estate marketing Keeping up with the demands of today’s real estate market requires round-the-clock attention. Even the shortest lag in response time can mean a lost sale. To real estate brokers who have tried to go it alone, you understand just how impossible this is.

What if you could bring your clients to you? Just imagine endless renters and buyers at your fingertips…this isn’t an imaginary concept; it’s the power of real estate mobile marketing.

Take, for example, the world’s favorite social networking site, Facebook. Chances are, even if you don’t have a profile of your own, you’re at least familiar with its popularity. According to, there are approximately 290,000 status updates on the site every minute.

With all that traffic, this and other social networking sites are a perfect platform when it comes to mobile marketing for realtors. They offer a free page on which you can post your contact information and credentials, as well as post new properties daily. Most social networking sites offer advertising options for even more exposure. And the best part? You can access your data, followers, and posts via smartphone, letting you post on the go.

Real Estate mobile phone marketing for realtors is perhaps the most versatile real estate mobile marketing tool in this era of the cellular phone. According to The, in addition to teens, 40-50 year-olds are the fastest-growing group of text message users.

By adding a rider to your signage, not only do give your future clients a fast and easy way to access your information, but you receive theirs, allowing you to respond quickly. With mobile marketing software, you can even have an automatic response sent to the texter! Plus, this tool in the hands of commercial and property managers makes for 24-hour leasing capabilities.

mobile rea estate marketingMobile phone marketing doesn’t stop at texting. According to the Nielsen Wire, 55.5% of all cell phone users in the United States are using a smartphone.

By adding QR Codes to real estate advertisements and signs, you can link your client to anything from a welcome video to a complete virtual tour, as well as maintain the ability to track how often your information is viewed. And you can update this information as often as you like! Just think: with one simple real estate mobile marketing application, you can turn an empty open house into a battleground for the highest bid.

We know all this real estate mobile marketing sounds like a lot of work. However, options in mobile marketing services literally put your clients in the palm of your hand, and with mobile marketing companies such as, for a negotiable fee you can even outsource your tech work to a specialist.

With all these real estate mobile marketing choices to help you streamline your business, connecting buyers and renters with new homes has never been so easy.

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