Does Your Restaurant Marketing Plan Include SMS Marketing?

by Michael Armstrong

Restaurant Marketing Plan SMS MarketingIn today’s ever-growing mobile economy, SMS marketing has become an important part of any overall marketing plan. Whether you own a large restaurant or a small diner, your business will benefit from adopting an SMS marketing strategy.

Why Restaurant Text Marketing?

SMS marketing strategy makes use of SMS, or Short Message Service, available on virtually any cell phone. It does not matter whether your customers use a smartphone or a basic cell phone—they can receive your SMS messages. SMS messaging is reliable, fast and cost-effective.

Where emails and snail mail fall short, due to spam filters and garbage cans, over 90% of text messages are received and opened. When you send your customers information or mobile coupons via SMS marketing, you can feel certain your messages get where you want them to go.

There are many different SMS strategies to use as part of an overall restaurant marketing plan, and many restaurant owners are already benefiting from them. If your competitors are among those who already use SMS marketing, that is a big reason for you to start.

Here are a few of our top rated text message marketing companies if your looking for a texting service for your restaurant.

Here are some Restaurant SMS mobile marketing strategies that work.

  • Many restaurant owners have discovered the advantage that SMS marketing gives them on a slow day. Restaurants experience slow days—an inevitable part of the business—but you can combat them through SMS strategy. The speed and reliability of text messages allows you to send your customers a message or mobile coupon offering them a special discount that is good only for a few hours that day. For example, send a mobile coupon good for 20% off that day’s lunch tab, or a free appetizer before 6 p.m. for parties of two or more.
  • restaurant marketing plansMobile coupons are a big part of an SMS marketing plan. Mobile coupons are convenient, requiring no scissors for clipping or a printer for printing. Mobile coupons are easily retained on your customers’ cell phones and then shown to restaurant personnel to be redeemed. Customers appreciate the ease, convenience, and money they save with mobile coupons. Examples of restaurant mobile coupons include free appetizers, free desserts, or 20% off for parties of four or more. If you collect birthday information for your customer database, you can use that to send mobile coupons offering specials for customer birthdays.  If you decide to use mobile coupons, you will want to mobile optimize your website.  Check out our Dudamobile Review.
  • Another successful SMS strategy is to make your customers feel more informed. SMS newsletters inform them of things like new menu changes, monthly specials, and changes in restaurant management. If you open a new restaurant across town, inform your loyal customers about the second location. When you change restaurant hours according to the seasons, let your customers know ahead of time that hours will be changing.
  • Allow your customers to comment and make suggestions through the use of SMS polls. Polling through SMS marketing is easy and lets your customers feel that their opinions matter. For example, after a new menu item is added to the dinner menu, send SMS polls to customers who ordered it and ask them what they thought—is it a keeper? After a customer’s visit to the restaurant, send an SMS asking about the visit. Is there anything that the customer felt could be improved? SMS polls give you the opportunity to improve and gain more customers in the future.

These are just a few of the many SMS mobile strategies restaurant owners are using with success. It is easy to implement these strategies and more with the help of an SMS marketing company like Tatango. Tatango offers easy-to-use software and other features that work great for restaurant owners.  We have reviewed over 20 SMS message marketing companies and Tatango has always been on the top of our list.

With a free trial period, Tatango makes it easy to see how SMS marketing can complement your existing restaurant marketing plan.


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