Restaurant QR Code Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

Restaurants are using QR Codes

QR Codes for Restaurants Restaurant marketing is growing and it will continue to grow over the next few years, as it’s been extremely beneficial in the success of many restaurants lately. QR code marketing is one of the newer marketing trends that have proven to be most helpful to restaurants since it allows a restaurant to transfer TONS of information all at one time, in a very small amount of space.

With QR codes you’re able to send what looks like a bar code, through text messaging to as many people as you’d like all at once and in that QR code there can be any amount of information you choose, from all of your menu items, to specials and discounts, to mobile coupons.

Trumpia is the best mobile marketing service provided today. With Trumpia, you’re able to utilize their mobile marketing strategies and their QR code marketing to ensure that you are able to use them in the best way possible to benefit your restaurant.

Trumpia’s text message marketing allows you the comfort of always having people on your side that know exactly how to help you build your mobile marketing strategy and ensure that your marketing is above the competition. You are able to call them when you are having any issues or if you have a question about how to use your QR codes or other text message marketing services. They are a fantastic way to kick start your mobile marketing.

Text message marketing for restaurants allows you the freedom to advertise to your public in real time. You’re able to send a bulk text message to everyone in your contact list and ensure they receive your bulk message immediately. With this benefit, you’re able to turn a slow ‘happy hour’ into a very busy one.

You’re going to be able to send out mobile coupons through bulk text or send out an informative QR code that explains to your customers what you have on sale tonight for your happy hour. You’re going to be virtually speaking directly with your customers without having them in your restaurant right at that moment.

Let’s say you’re having a slow lunch rush, but the restaurant across the street is so packed they have a line. That is hurtful for your pride as well as your checkbook. We all know the stresses of keeping a restaurant going in this tough economy and with a great mobile marketing strategy, you’ll be able to throw out that red pen and begin marking your books with success and profit every day!

If you are having that slow Tuesday lunch, you are able to send out a QR code bulk text to all of your contacts and invite them in for lunch at your restaurant. You’re able to add in mobile coupons that your customers are able to download to their phones and bring in with them; that will have them ‘buy one and get one half off’ or ‘save 10% on your entire order’. These coupons make people want to come in to your restaurant; makes them feel a like they’d be saving time and money by doing so. Everyone wants to save money and everyone has to eat, so why are you missing out?

If you are not using QR codes to help marketing your restaurant then you have no idea what you’re missing out on. If you haven’t given Trumpia a trial run to see how helpful they can be for your restaurant’s success then you need to go give them a try right now.

With Trumpia, you have the ability to try before you buy and you’ll know for sure how useful they’ll be for you and your restaurant before you every have to pay for it! You have nothing to lose, so go now and see how much you can learn and gain by using mobile marketing services!

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