Retail SMS Marketing – Why Retailers Need a Text Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

SMS Marketing for Retail Stores – Whats your Text Marketing Strategy?

Retail Store SMS Marketing StrategyTrying to own any business can be difficult, but a retail business has its own special challenges that can make it particularly hard, but these can be lessened by using retail SMS marketing. With retail text message marketing you can defeat that one hard challenge of retail, getting customers to come in reliably and constantly. With retail mobile marketing you can connect with hundreds of potential costumers all at once with a single push of a button.

Text message marketing for retailers is important because in today people can’t more than five minutes without having to check their phone for messages, updates, and to just mess with it in general. Having the ability to text customers allows you to be the first thing they see, and there for think about when they go to check their phone. So using retail SMS marketing allows you to send advertisements and promotions specifically to customers who are most likely to respond to them.

Instead of waiting for people to come into your store or spreading your stores promotions by word of mouth, you can make sure they are reading every advertisement you want them to, and after they read them they are more likely to tell their friends about this unique and special advertisement they received straight to their phone.

Setting up a retail SMS strategy is incredibly important, and allows you to get the word of your retail business out to plenty of businesses to ensure your store thrives. The only issue that arises is finding out what strategy works best for you. While you can figure this out yourself through trial and error, doing it that way means you would waste a lot of your own valuable time trying it when you could leave it to the professionals. There are several companies out there that are incredibly easy to sign up with. After signing up with all of your information, they then takes care of all the details while you sit back and have traffic driven straight to your stores.

With retail SMS marketing software you can easily have everything set up for you. After that you then need to decide what messages to send to people. This can be incredibly tricky since when most people do receive texts they sometimes ignore them. While you could just send them every little sale and advertisement you have, there is a better way. A lot of people respond much better to messages that deal specifically with free things. More people will go to a restaurant for a free drink, then ten percent off of their meal.

So don’t let your retail store fall behind on the times and the technology. Use the new technology to your advantage and gain the extra leg up today. With the economy it is important to use every little thing you your advantage. So set up your retail SMS marketing today, and let your business thrive.


Mobile Marketing in Canada is taking off in popularity.  Retailers in Ontario should start to implement mobile marketing strategies such as:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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